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December 2004
The Daily Home Talladega, Sylacauga-Pell City, Alabama

Dear Millie,

I would like to know the etiquette on hats that are worn inside. Our daughter has male friends over and I cringe when they keep their hats on while they are in the house and I almost lose it when they wear their cap at the dinner table.

Dear Reader,

The wearing of hats makes me think of my dad; back in the 1950's and early 60's all men wore hats. Look at pictures of that time and you will see that men always wore a hat. My dad always tipped his hat to ladies and he removed it in elevators, and when going inside.

Now, most men and women don't wear a hat, but there are many who wear baseball caps. I believe this requires a few words because both young and old forget what to do or perhaps just don't know.

The hat should always be removed indoors unless religious custom dictates keeping it in place. It is easy to remember that hats of any sort on men are considered outdoor clothing, not indoor.

The rule for women with hats is a bit different. Hats may be worn indoors, but use common sense. The hat may be removed when worn in a theater or auditorium where it might block someone's view. The same rules that apply to men, apply to women wearing a baseball cap. Please remove when indoors. You will notice that at the first note of the Star Spangle Banner and when saying the Pledge of Allegiance that hats are removed.

Dear Millie,

My daughter will graduate from college in December and has already started interviewing. I keep telling her that she needs to invest in different clothing from what she has been wearing at school. Please help.

Dear Reader,

Yes, your dress is important, remember you don't get a second chance to make a first impression and how appropriate you dress leaves a lasting impression. It takes only 5 seconds to make a first impression. While you should be judged by all the knowledge you have to offer this company, it is often the first impression that detesrmines whether they will take the time to let you reveal it. The business or company is looking for you to represent them to clients and the public. Sometimes the clothing worn in college is more casual, or more revealing than your interviewer wants to see. Your accessories or jewelry should not make a lot of noise or draw attention.

The business attire for both men and women is as important as your grooming. Think of your exit from the interview, the interviewer sees you from the back. Are your shoes in good shape, not run down or not polished?

The interviewer is looking at you in the same way you look for a new car or any product. You wouldn't buy a product that looked messy, dented, or unkempt and neither would they hire someone that wasn't the best selection.

A young female makes the best impression in a nice skirt or slacks and blouse, or dress. If the company is conservative, wear hose and shoes with medium heels. Make up and hair should not be extreme and be sure the clothes fit. Avoid excessive perfume. Save the bright colors and glitter for another occasion.